I’m out of work for the next week or two and I’m broke as hell so if you want to do some recording, hit me up!

this is a little sample of the stuff I am doing lately: http://flowerpotrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hank-ep

I guarantee I can beat any price from any other studio, and my portable rig can go anywhere!

on top of owing my university $4k in the next 2 months and not having enough money for books or a parking pass or insurance, the only cash I had was taken when somebody robbed my dorm room yesterday. so, Flowerpot Records is having a sale on our storenvy, everything is 20% off and I’ll throw in some other cool shit if your order goes over $10. I am really really REALLY hurting right now and I am trying to get a job in Bexley but haven’t had luck so far and if you could help my cause I would really appreciate it.

the coupon code is BROKE



recorded all day, took a nap, had a smoke, ate some homemade cookies, watching the doctor who special now.  fuck yeah day off

I love this song and this video

Best fall albums.


Do Make Say Think - Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

so. beautiful.

If you want touring bands to come to your town, make your town a place touring bands want to come to

Wes Meadows - Tiffin Arts and Music Fest 2013


All Over The Place will have a new EP at Flowerpot Records Fest 2, and will be touring to support it throughout July.

SKAtch On The Rocks is recording off hiatus and recording a new song, and will be playing many shows in the midwest.

Reflections Of Stars will be releasing their second album, Something’s Always Listening, at Flowerpot Records Fest.

10nine8’s first EP will be released June 21st, with an album to be released at FPR Fest.

New songs from Dan Socha, SKAtch On The Rocks, Reflections Of Stars, 10nine8, and more will be on the Flowerpot Records Compilation 2013, to be released at FPR Fest.  

A split 7” will be released in August with tracks from All Over The Place, SKAtch On The Rocks, graves., and Turtle Island.

Flowerpot Records Fest is still in need of a venue on July 13th due to the last venue backing out, if anyone has ideas of where to host a 200+ person fest, please let us know!

Tonight! Help us out!

My band, All Over The Place, is playing at The Display in Gainesville, by ourselves.  We really want to play to some cool people, so if you live in gainesville or know someone who does, toss them this event link! Anyone who wants to play can play! Punk rock open mic night, drumset, amp, and PA will be set up!

Kellen Bearden - My Finest Day

Turtle Island’s album is up for preorder! Check it out!

Turtle Island’s album is up for preorder! Check it out!

There are two kinds of people

There are two kinds of people